Endless is a podcast about the DC Universe character the Sandman as he was envisioned by Neil Gaiman for the comics and the Netflix TV show. Story expert and NYT bestselling novelist Lani Diane Rich and Alisa Kwitney, former DC/Vertigo editor and critically acclaimed author, will bring their experience and expertise to this fun podcast about dreams... and the dreamless.

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LL Bean meets the Shining (S1.08 "Playing House")

“Even a nightmare can dream, my lord.” It’s time for the nightmares to take center stage as Lani and Alisa take a good look at “Playing House” (S1.08)

Eyeball Sushi (S1.07 "The Doll's House")

“We have a code.” Lani and Alisa talk about the value of adaptive choices as we move from one narrative to the next with “The Doll’s House” (S1.7)

BONUS: In The Gutter

Due to a recording hiccup, we'll be bringing you our response to The Sandman #7, "The Doll's House," next week. But as a bonus, here is an episode of Lani's comic book...

Do You Know Who I Am? (S1.06 “The Sound of her Wings”)

“Do you know who I am?” Lani and Alisa are looking at Death from both sides now as they look at the amazing warm transition from Sandman’s mini-seasons in “The Soun...

To Tell You the Truth… (S1.05 "24/7")

“Can I get you a cup of coffee while we wait for our dreams to come true?” It’s time to see how brutal honesty can be as Alisa and Lani hang out in a diner for “24/...

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