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The Inevitable Murphy (A Game of You #5)

“Endings are mixed blessings.”Lani and Alisa preside over the unmaking of the Land, the destruction in NY, and the unmasking of the obvious Murphy. All in a day’s work...

Secret Worlds (A Game of You #4)

“Go in, Barbie. She’s waiting for you.”Lani and Allisa examine the fairy tale aspects of Barbie’s quest as they talk about A Game of You #4, Beginning to See the Light...

Dead Man in a Bathtub (A Game of You #3)

“Uh… can we talk?”Lani and Alisa get ready to draw down the moon as they talk about witches, moons and faces tacked to the wall in A Game of You #3: Bad Moon Rising.Wa...

Nasty Little Things (A Game of You #2)

“Everybody is all asleep…” Lani and Alisa go deeper into dreamland with Barbie and her neighbors in volume 2 of Sandman: A Game of You, Lullabies of Broadway.

For Whom The Cuckoo Coos (A Game of You #1)

“What are you gonna do about it, boss?” Lani and Alisa return to discuss Barbies, birds and bad guys in the first issue of Sandman Volume 5, “A Game of You.”

It’s About Power (S1.11 "Dream of 1000 Cats/Calliope")

“Be warned; dreams have a price.” In the last episode of Endless before going on hiatus, Lani and Alisa cover “Dream of 1000 Cats/Calliope” with special guest Joann...

Socks on an Octopus (S1.10 "Lost Hearts")

“New dreams. New nightmares. A new age.” Dream finishes his character arc and Lani and Alisa finish their discussion of the Season 1 storylines in “Lost Hearts” (S1...

Dream Houses (S1.09 "Collectors")

“This dream is over.” Lani and Alisa find themselves inappropriately attracted to to the hottest eyeball-eating nightmare ever to grace the stage in “Collectors” (S...

LL Bean meets the Shining (S1.08 "Playing House")

“Even a nightmare can dream, my lord.” It’s time for the nightmares to take center stage as Lani and Alisa take a good look at “Playing House” (S1.08)

Eyeball Sushi (S1.07 "The Doll's House")

“We have a code.” Lani and Alisa talk about the value of adaptive choices as we move from one narrative to the next with “The Doll’s House” (S1.7)

BONUS: In The Gutter

Due to a recording hiccup, we'll be bringing you our response to The Sandman #7, "The Doll's House," next week. But as a bonus, here is an episode of Lani's comic book...

Do You Know Who I Am? (S1.06 “The Sound of her Wings”)

“Do you know who I am?” Lani and Alisa are looking at Death from both sides now as they look at the amazing warm transition from Sandman’s mini-seasons in “The Soun...

To Tell You the Truth… (S1.05 "24/7")

“Can I get you a cup of coffee while we wait for our dreams to come true?” It’s time to see how brutal honesty can be as Alisa and Lani hang out in a diner for “24/...

Room for One More (S1.04 "A Hope in Hell")

“There’s one at the door… and room for one more.” Lani and Alisa love rhyming demons and complicated creeps as they talk about “A Hope in Hell.”

Bonus: Interview with former Vertigo editor Shelly Bond

Hey, y'all! Here is a bonus episode of Alisa talking with Shelly Bond. Shelly was an editor at Vertigo for 20 years, and worked on Sandman as well as many other books....

Ruthless, Selfish Cowards (S1.03 "Dream a Little Dream of Me")

“No offense, but I could do without dreams for a while.” It ain’t easy being Constantine as we traipse through the wild, wild world of Johanna Constantine in “Dream...

Only Blood (S1.02 "Imperfect Hosts")

“It’s only blood, little brother.”Lani and Alisa grapple with the faith, fates and fratricide in “Imperfect Hosts.”Wanna know what episode is airing and when? Check ou...

Tower of Sand (S1.01 "Sleep of the Just")

You’re never getting out of here. Never."The Sandman" on Netflix is finally here, and Lani and Alisa share their thoughts about episode 1, “Sleep of the Just.” Episode...

Trailers and Tales of our Return

Lani and Alisa return to watch the Sandman trailers with you and talk about the Sandman TV series and the return of Endless, August 5, 2022!

Hell is for Writers (SM#28)

“We will hurt you, and we are not sorry.”

The War between Heaven and Hell (SM#27)

“The war between Heaven and Hell is over.” Alisa and Lani delight in a weirdly-paced but beautifully-constructed issue of Sandman, where the battle for Hell is reso...

Goodnight Raven with the Red Balloon (SM#26)

“There is a matter we must discuss.” Diplomacy has never been this interesting, or full of spiders. Lani and Alisa enjoy an evening of gods and demons vying for rea...

Harry Potter in Hell (SM#25)

“Even when you’re alone… you’re not alone.” It’s what would have happened to Harry Potter if all his friends were dead and there was no magic and Hogwarts was liter...

It's Merkins All the Way Down (SM#24)

Tonight, there will be a banquet for you. And tomorrow, we'll talk. Nature abhors a power vacuum, and everyone is after Dream's new real estate. Lani and Alisa talk...

Wingopause (SM#23)

“We do as we must do.” Lani and Alisa take on Lucifer’s midlife crisis, shadow selves and maso-narcissism as the go to Hell in Season of Mists Chapter Two (SM#23).

The Noble Knight (SM#22)

This was as bad as it got. It couldn't get any worse. Lani and Alisa talk about groveling, the Noble Knight and identity narratives as they discuss Season of Mists:...

Mellow Fruitfulness (SM#21)

“It has begun.” Lani and Alisa talk about the power of sibling relationships and great lettering as they start Season of Mists with Prologue. (SM#21)

Face in the Spag Bol (SM#20)

Oblivion isn’t an option, I’m afraid. Lani and Alisa talk masking, etymology and Death in Façade, Sandman #20.

The Exposition Fairy (SM#19)

What magic art is this? Lani and Alisa curl up on Wendel’s Mound with Morpheus and catch a special performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (SM#19).

Framing the Cat (SM#18)

Justice is a delusion you will not find on this or any other sphere. Lani and Alisa talk felines and frames in A Dream of a Thousand Cats (Sandman #18).

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