Endless is a podcast about the DC Universe character the Sandman as he was envisioned by Neil Gaiman for the comics and the Netflix TV show. Story expert and NYT bestselling novelist Lani Diane Rich and Alisa Kwitney, former DC/Vertigo editor and critically acclaimed author, will bring their experience and expertise to this fun podcast about dreams... and the dreamless.

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The Exposition Fairy (SM#19)

What magic art is this? Lani and Alisa curl up on Wendel’s Mound with Morpheus and catch a special performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (SM#19).

Framing the Cat (SM#18)

Justice is a delusion you will not find on this or any other sphere. Lani and Alisa talk felines and frames in A Dream of a Thousand Cats (Sandman #18).

Am I The A**hole? (SM#17)

So tell me… where do you get your ideas? It’s a story of a muse, the writers who abuse her, and a question Morpheus should maybe ask on Reddit as Lani and Alisa dis...

The Creatures of Desire (SM#15-16)

"Human beings are the creatures of desire. They twist and bend as I require it." Lani and Alisa finish up The Doll's House with a look at "Into the Night" and "Lost...

Karen Berger Interview, Pt. 2

In Part 2 of our interview with DC and Sandman editor Karen Berger, Alisa and Karen talk about meeting Neil, how horror is one of the few truly visceral literary genre...

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